Learn more about Snapper Team

Learn More About Snapper Team

Snapper is with the team of young professional with innovational business process creation. Snapper founded with a vision to enable E-Commerce replication system by providing most benevolent e-commerce solutions with modern methods to customers across India. Today Snapper is an E-commerce portal, Wallet, Mobile App with offers for the products and services online in India. The core team at Snapper works with a focus magnifying the business prospects of customers and simplifying the management of their online shopping experience.

In Snapper We prefer to bring realtime customer experience to the business collaborators. Here Snapper offers modernistic Business process adaption to all the business partners to manage their customer to stay associated always. It Helps every business partner to engage, contact, offer, sell their products in very simpler and more organised way.

We're in a mission to simplify online shopping solutions for customers such that buying products online is simple than ever. Our business is about people, we have a passion for what we do. We fight for it, every day.


Meet Our Team

Get to know our Co-Founders


Sandeep Singh

He's involved in crafting the company refinement, defining the design esthetic, and innovating future emergence opportunites. Sandeep being exposed to the affluence of the culture and experience of working for the respective global multinational companies, this is his attempt to bring the best.


Akash Agarwal

Akash Agarwal has been tremendously successful in communicating the wonder and importance of modern ecommerce business. His power to capture the imagination of millions and to explain difficult concepts in perceivable terms is a magnificent achievement.


Prashant Surana

Prashant is a leadership coach and business mentor. Snapper engendered his audacious nature that continued the backbone of his life and business in the years to come. He trusted in employee empowerment and gratification. He had motivated employees who delivered immaculate customer service.

Company Profile

Snapper is an Ecommerce website offers online shopping in India on many brands and products. The range of products is electronics, Home needs, Fitness, Clothing etc. The quick and easy product search lets customers search through thousands of online products. We offer our users an easy and comfortable shopping experience on the internet and gives online retailers the possibility to promote their products.

Dramatically improve in online e-commerce services with cutting edge solutions and services that help users and Clients.
Deliver world class solutions for growing organizations through an industry leading team of technology experts focused on quality and integrity.