Snapper App

Snapper App grants you a faster business emergence and brand you to grow better than what you envisaged for with Real Time IOT experience!

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Krack.Deals is An HYPER-GLOCAL Portal to exhibit your merchandises and sell products and enhance your business.

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Franchise Model is the most in demand and Unique B model altogether categories from luxury goods IOT retailing to distributing Goods.

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How you Grow Your Business with Snapper ?

  • Sell your Products and services in Various Platforms of Snapper
  • Acquire your e-commerce sales with the most beneficial product delivery solutions.
  • We accomplish our mission by ongoing innovation, local presence, consumer centric behaviour, a strong focus on IT and conciliatory adaptation to customer indigences.
  • Our buyers are online retailers, e-fulfilment companies, market places and online sellers.
  • We're an innovative service provider with a impregnable emphasis on Information Technology and web solutions.
  • We desire to be originative with the new ideas to amaze competition and like to build tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Snapper Process

Display Your Products

Once you Subscribe you can start updating all the products of yours through our various platforms


Now you are ready to Sell Products through Snapper APP, Krack.Deals, Offer Game & Kwick Pay



  • Modernestic Business Approach to your Clients with Different Offers.
  • Send Special Offers when ever you are in need.
  • Identify the real time customers.
  • Choice of Location to Select the place you want to give offers.
  • Send Offers When your customers are close to your store.
  • Common Platform to Display your offers in Mobile App and Glocally also.
  • Even if you're a small, home-based company, you can establish a glocal reach with Snapper.
  • Easy Delivery Mechanism to simplify the Process and Quick Delivery of the Goods.
  • Manage and organize yor Business through our specialized CRM application tool.

Essence of Snapper

Snapper enables you to customize offers to customers through building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences

Snapper enables you to open business without worrying about store openings hours or overtime payments for staffs

One stop shop solution for different countries

  • Ease of Use.
  • Reliable & Convenient
  • Cost effective
  • Pre-paid, COD, Try Now, Show Interest Options

Snapper is important because it aligns with the way consumer make purchasing decisions

Customers can browse your product from anywhere and place order when they feel convenience

No need of setting up local outlets for selling goods in any part of the country

Keeping your inventory costs low, you can order stock in line with demand

Increase customer retention.

Big or small, we do it all

No Distribution Channel Required to Deliver your Products.

Make targeted offers to prospects visit by tracking their web pages and product that reflect their interests


About Us

Snapper Technologies is a parent company for the application Snapper, Kwik Pay Wallet and Krack.deals, started by 3 young dynamic entrepreneurs to provide best, affordable and fastest local IOT marketplace experience, by registering all the local businesses operating in diversified categories. Our main aim is to deliver the 360 degrees experience of shopping to all our users right from the time they place the order till the time they are completely satisfied with delivery of our products and services to their doorstep, let it be Salon & Spa's or let it be groceries as well as dining and clubbing , we have it all. We want to make it as simple as possible by catering needs of all buyer segments and by creating businesses for Sellers of all segments.

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