About Krack.Deals

An advanced new age e commerce website to address buyers who are not locally connected , through krack.deals we aim to reach shoppers accross all borders and bounderies and also with all the categories just under one roof. The platform is elegantly and smoothly handcrafted by one our professionals to provide an astonishing shopping experience.

The merchant's registered with us will be provided space across all our platforms for promoting their products. So that they can achieve wonders in business sales by reaching mass audience We are committed towards delivering 100% customer satisfaction thereby, meeting all our Partners demands & expectations .


Krack.Deals the preeminent online E-commerce shopping store in India with more than 18000 products and hundreds of brands in our store. You'll be able to discover all the fantasy and regular products with magnetic offers with Krack.Deals. Company features its own storage warehouse and stores in various places in India for order fulfillment.

And also we have Geo Located many local stores in and around all major cities to bring in the deliveries faster. Choose from wide verity of products in every class at cheapest price, avail the best offers and get the delivery right at your doorsteps at your preferred time. You'll be able to make the payment using Credit / Debit card, Net Banking and Cash on Delivery. We guarantee Best Quality and Fastest Shipping.

Top Features


Efficient model of product choice

Krack.Deals Built in rattling advanced exemplary to showcase the products and it grants users to navigate easily.


Bigger Discounts

Krack.Deals offers eminent stylish products at high value and aims to extradite quality products from big brands at bigger discounts.



We provide a significant shopping experience with an uncomparable categorisation of the chairing international & national brands.

Krack.Deals for your Business

We're a team of consecrated, young, dynamic, energetic and smart enthusiasts who have explored every nook and corner of the near abouts to get you most beneficial bargains and facilitate you economize lots and lots of money from marketing spend.

Better Presentation


Karck Deals has a pretty simple user-friendly interface. This interface is a perfectly organized and listed with all categories, products, product images and product description, where the customer can easily find his product among a large number of products on the website through easy navigation.

  • Product images and product description.
  • Krack.Deals listed with all categories.
  • large number of products on the web portal.

Engage Your Customer


When your any customer visits Krack.Deals and purchases products or whatever the products searched by them, we will be engaging customers with most selling products or high priority products.

  • Krack.Deals is Dynamic Display of Products.
  • Products can be Placed based on Campaign.
  • Prioritising the Products Based on users

Real Time Tracking

  • Using real-time tracking
  • Find out Who is looking your Products
  • Know Users Behaviour
  • Identify the right customers
  • Auto updates frequently

Access Through CRM


The Vendors who registered with Krack.Deals Has the facility to access the CRM. Through CRM vendors can add, update their product details and even store the customer details such as contact details, the address for communication and address for the delivery and location of the customer can be stored in the CRM. When the vendor wants to send the offers to the customers, he can send by a single click.

  • Customers Management
  • Products Management
  • Display Special Offers

Easy Communication


Whenever vendor wants to contact the customer through CRM he can make a call, send an SMS, send an email, newsletters, birthday greetings can be sent in a Quick time.

  • Easy Connect to individuals
  • Group Email and SMS
  • Every touch points stored for future reference

Delivery Management


Krack.Deals offers a delivery management system for vendors. The delivery management system as a dedicated app. If a customer ordered a product then the delivery team will get a notification along with contact details and when the delivery team wants to deliver the product vendor gets the notification when the product is delivered to the customer.

  • Easy Orders Creation and update
  • Efficient delivery Management
  • Tracking of Delivery through Mobile APP