How To Grow Business With Snapper App

Snapper application is India's first ioT inspired marketplace where the user can access the product's and services from the best vendors in the city,the shopping experience is even more personalized with our trial before purchase services known as 'Try Now' where we provide a never before seen service where the user can try multiple products at their doorstep prior to purchasing from the stores in their local market. This experience is delivered by our trained delivery team known as Snapper Xpress,who promise to provide and delivery in 45mins. Trial before purchase is available across diversified product segments such as Apparel, footwear, sunglasses, smartphone etc.


This feature is offered over 1000+ products in Hyderabad and is delivered in 45 mins by our highly trained Snapper Xpress executives. Snapper also provides a next generation promotional platform for Nightclubs, Lounges ,Café where they can reach out to their target audience by our location based target messaging which is accessible by our vendors CRM. Over 50+ Nightclubs and Lounges in Hyderabad are registered on Snapper platform and have been benefited.


Snapper is a smartphone application available on two of the leading OS in the market Android and ios, Snapper consists of two of our revolutionary services.

1. Sphere

Sphere is an IOT(Internet of things) inspired, offer based local e commerce platform which provides the user an opportunity to shop across the diversified local market in their city, Sphere also provides an unique experience of shopping from the local stores that you are already aware of unlike traditional e commerce platform's where you don't even know whether the seller exists in reality or not.

Other than the trust factor Snapper is also equipped with never before seen features like " offer game" and "Try It Now ( explained in details in the business model section ) which are two of the major USPs of our platform that will give our merchants an edge over their competitors in the market.

2. Image search

An advanced image based search engine which recognizes almost everything that you click through it. This feature is basically going to be integrated to provide a customer with the power to buy exactly what they see around them in real time just by clicking the picture of it directly through our application.

This image recognition is more advanced than any of the services available In the market, The demo version of this feature is available on Android Play Store by the name Snapper.

Business Model

Zero Product based Commission The seller's/merchant's don't have to pay any signing fees and annual subscription fees for associating with us, all you have to do is just register with us, list your products with our most simple and advanced as well as personalized Seller Dashboards which will help to create all the listings right away, we will just charge you a very minimal payment settling redemption fees, only when the seller/ merchant's redeemed the total amount from their Kwik pay wallet accounts to their linked business Bank accounts. All Payments will be settled on a weekly basis ( twice in a week) in full Cash directly transferred to the respective Accounts and yeah that's the best part.

Subscription based model

This model provides a hassle-free settlement of our commission that we would be charging from our sellers, In this model we would mutually decide a redemption charge that would vary on the basis of the business that the registered seller/merchant is into. This redemption fee Will be charged weekly or monthly when the seller redeems its earnings from its kwik pay wallet merchant account to his linked bank account As per the security of the transaction, your kwik pay wallet is protected with security measures as per international standards so that the hard earned money of our sellers/merchants is safely transacted.

Why do we need redemption fee?

Redemption charges are fees that we take from our seller as a commission to keep improving their business sales by attracting more and more customers, the fees that we deduct is reinvested in funding our, out of the box discount offering policy and also to maintain the smooth and sustainable growth of Snapper as an emerging and innovative e-commerce company.

Unique Selling Point

Offer Game:

This is the first of its kind discount offering platform which is integrated in our mobile phone application Snapper. As the name suggests this is an offer game where we give exclusive offers from our end to promote the Sellers on our platform,In this we generate a percentage off on a particular price range for few minutes,during that period of time the offer is applied on items that the consumers is purchasing within the specified price range

How is it beneficial to your business ?

The biggest USP of the offer game is that all the discounts that we give are not charged to our registered sellers it's an expense that Snapper bear's on its end,so if we are giving an offer if 20% off on all electronics ranging between 05000, then the sellers profit is nowhere affected by the 20%,it's an expense that we will bear on our end. So since we are offering discounts from our end all you have to do is keep selling and we can assure a 20% increment in the first 4 weeks of your operation on our platform.

Why will the customers like it?

Let's just say that because of our dynamic offers they will be getting product for the lowest price in the market.

Try It now.

This is another unique and never before experienced service that we are providing where we would be providing the consumer a first hand live experience of selected products and services through our platform Basically with this option the consumers will be able to try products such as apparels,etc. In their home before buying it and avail services such as Spa and Salon treatments at their doorstep.

How is it beneficial to your business ?

For businesses who deal in Apparel like Suits, Designer Saree's, shoes etc. Snapper would be providing an opportunity for your customers to get these products at their doorstep for trial purpose before buying,with this feature your business will be getting a competitive advantage over your competitors,As we would be providing you with the delivery and carriage facilities that includes safety packaging. For businesses like Spa and Salon we would be providing our delivery executive to assist you for providing your services at customer's doorstep,the executive provided by Snapper will help you in everything from finding the address to providing safety for your visiting employee.

Why will the customers like it?

Well why wouldn't you like it if you are getting an option of first hand trial of products at your home before buying it. And plus who wouldn't like to avail Salon and Spa services at a discounted price through our " offer game "

Why will you like it?

We are offering you a full fledged professionally handled delivery channel to make your products and services available to the customer for trial at their doorstep safely, it's obvious that the customers would love to try the products and services at their doorstep and we are giving you that opportunity at zero additional cost, making it possible by solving issues such as logistics, security of the employee (female especially for Spa and Salon services),locating the address and the most important making sure that the customers likes it.

This is one of very few competitive advantage that we offer our registered sellers/merchants over their market competitors.

360 Security

About 90% of the indian consumers are worried about their online payment processing.To strike out this hesitation of Indian consumers we have come up with this 360 Security Solution.

1) The Online Payment Mode i.e. our inbuilt kwik pay wallet , to provide faster and secured payment of transactions, so every time one shops and uses kwik pay as a payment method ,the user is not going out of our secured app environment because of the inbuilt Kwik pay wallet which is encrypted by international standards security measures,in addition to this the user needs to enter payment information only once and it's all saved in a secured encrypted format and later on all the transactions could be carried out in just a click/tap.

2) We are also providing other offline modes of payment such as Cash On Delivery (COD) , pay after you try , all the products and services would be delivered by Snapper team personally , with utmost care and as fast as possible , our time frame of 2 hours delivery is our deadline and we make sure that it gets delivered usually in an hour.

3) All the goods and services dispatched with our Snapper team , are Insured with a protection of about Rs 50000* is provided depending upon the declared invoice value and wow! that's an additional bonus . We are first to provide such Partner Benefits in an local E-commerce Marketplace.

4) For all premium health,beauty and spa services, we will also send Snapper's security men along with all your female employees so that the complete safety is assured at every step.

Location Based Target Messaging:

This is a new messaging platform developed by Snapper to provide its user the opportunity to send offers to the specifically selected target audience within a specified radius selected by the merchants . This will help the merchants reach out to the specific target audience of specific age group, geographical location etc. with the help of our advance integrated CRM in the merchants/sellers dashboard.

How we will promote you?

All the sellers/merchant's associated with us we make sure that everyone is promoted equally and reached to the maximum number of customers and here's how we make sure of it.

Our Promotion:

We have a quarterly both offline and online marketing budget plan of more than rs 10 lakhs and that's 40 lakhs annually, with our marketing expert team we aim to reach about 23lakhs customers in 1st quarter of our launch locally with an expectation of generating revenue sales of over 20 lakhs in the first financial quarter followed by a sustainable increment of minimum 50% every following quarter In addition to this we have also created dynamic promotion platforms which will also help generating customer loyalty along with increasing Partners Brand Value as well as Brand Image and Loyalty. As we are dedicated in growing our reach so as we grow even your business will grow simultaneously giving us happy returns in the end.

Your Promotion

Snapper is providing a cross platform promotion for its registered merchant/seller by giving a common database which means that the products and offers that they will upload through their provided "Snapper seller admin panel" will be visible across all Snapper platforms which includes

1.Sphere (offer based local ecommerce)

2.krack.deals ( new age e commerce)

In addition to the Cross platform accessibility we are even getting you business through our revolutionary discount offering " Offer game" The discounts that we are giving through our platform will not affect your MRP on the platform as it is an expense that Snapper is bearing to reach out to more and more consumers, and since we the motive of Offer game is to provide products at cheapest price in the market,with this strategy we are very optimistic that our customer retention will be 95% positive.

That is if we are reaching 100,000 customers with offer Game,then with 95%positive retention rate we are expecting 95,000 of them to actually avail those offers The successful and hassle free implementation of Try it Now feature which is very unique and first of its kind is an added advantage for us to attract more customers,which will result in viral marketing in the first week of it's implementation and promotion through our digital Media advertisement, resulting in an increase in downloads and user registration by 150%(approx) after the first week itself.

Agreement with Snapper

The merchant's/seller's will have to sign the snappers sellers registration agreement in which all the terms and conditions will be mentioned based on the government regulations. The Seller will be provided the following from Snapper Technologies

1. Seller/merchant Admin Panel:

This is a 100% dynamic Admin dashboard that we would be providing to you for activities such as
Receiving notification
Uploading products and offers
Access to location based target messaging
Advanced CRM accessibility
2. Highly Secured Kwik Pay Wallet Seller Account:

This is the account which will be linked to sellers/merchant's business Bank account for redemption of their earnings from Snapper platform Above all the commitment to bring sustainable growth in your business by reaching out to larger audience

Advantages With Snapper

  • Modernestic Business Approach to your Clients with Different Offers.
  • Send Special Offers when ever you are in need.
  • Identify the real time customers.
  • Choice of Location to Select the place you want to give offers.
  • Send Offers When your customers are close to your store.
  • Common Platform to Display your offers in Mobile App and E-Commerce also.
  • Even if you're a small, home-based company, you can establish a global reach with Snapper.
  • Easy Delivery Mechanism to simplify the Process and Quick Delivery of the Goods.
  • Manage and organize yor Business through our specialized application tool.
  • Snapper has a user-friendly interface makes it easier to research and quickly buy products and services.
  • Customers can shop at their own time, and an online store doesn't require live salespeople.
  • Even if you're a small, home-based company, you can establish a global reach with Snapper.
  • Vendors don't have to set up physical locations in different cities.
  • The vendor's can put all the products on the snapper with easy user interface and track their transactions.

What Do I Get Through Snapper

  • Snapper App Store to Display all different Offers through Admin Pannel
  • Display Provision based on the users location
  • CRM to Manage your all existing and new customers
  • Realtime Customers and visitors tracking
  • Define the radius for the Business or service Provided by you
  • Extensive Digital Marketing on product specific, special offers

Reasons To Choose Snapper


Better Place to Showcase

Snapper has huge clients base & it is the better place to Showcase your offers and products by your own


Personalize your Products:

Personalize your products according to the customer requirement and give them Shopping Experience.


Kwick Pay wallet Integration

Snapper Integrated with Kwick pay wallet to make sales process very easy.


Snapper Offer Game

Frequently Snapper runs OFFER GAME to get more people visit again and again