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Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet for everyone! Mission: To provide an integrated, decentralized exchange platform to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage ALL major cryptocurrencies within a truly secure wallet app.

e-Commerce Solutions

Snapper application is India's first ioT inspired marketplace where the user can access the product's and services from the best vendors in the city,the shopping experience is even more personalized with our trial before purchase services known as 'Try Now' where we provide a never before seen service where the user can try multiple products at their doorstep prior to purchasing from the stores in their local market. This experience is delivered by our trained delivery team known as Snapper Xpress,who promise to provide and delivery in 45mins. Trial before purchase is available across diversified product segments such as Apparel, footwear, sunglasses, smartphone etc.

  • This feature is offered over 1000+ products in Hyderabad and is delivered in 45 mins by our highly trained Snapper Xpress executives. Snapper also provides a next generation promotional platform for Nightclubs, Lounges ,Café where they can reach out to their target audience by our location based target messaging which is accessible by our vendors CRM. Over 50+ Nightclubs and Lounges in Hyderabad are registered on Snapper platform and have been benefited.

Mobile Wallet

Kwik Pay mobile Wallet is a Fin Tech wonder created by Snapper Technologies which is the first wallet which is accepted all over Hyderabad as an alternative payment mode instead of cash or credit cards.
Kwik Pay is accepted across multiple stores in Hyderabad such as Apparel's,Supermarket, Boutiques, Restaurants,Hookah Lounge's, Nightclubs and many more as well as online on Snapper application.
The reason why user choose to pay through Kwik Pay over cash or card is because every transaction that you make via Kwik Pay the user gets a certain amount of cash back which can be used anywhere in Hyderabad as Kwik Pay is accepted over 1000+ stores in Hyderabad as a primary mode of payment.
The user can never stop shopping once he pays through Kwik Pay because the accessibility is across diversified businesses in the Snapper Community's.